About Patheya Jewels

Patheya Jewels was born out of a pure love of jewellery. Following my own advice for spending time doing what makes you happy, Patheya Jewels was up and running within three months of its conception.

I have to thank my sisters who inspired me and  fired my little embers of ideas into reality.  Without your initial support none of this would have happened. (Support means they actually started me off with cash investments and donated hundreds of dollars worth of beads, fittings and tools! There is no way I could have started without their support.)

With time you will see more beautiful pieces online. I love looking at, touching and designing the pieces. I find them  beautiful and it’s important to me that they are affordable. I’m thrilled when I see someone wearing one of my pieces. I can honestly say that every piece is made with care and attention to detail.

The jewellery I have procured are items that I really love and would wear myself, are affordable, and I couldn’t make them any better or at a more competitive price.

I’m an Australian 40 something mother of two living in Catalonia. I’m a health and wellbeing instructor and yoga therapist. I also teach English and am a public speaker.

The website was designed and is maintained by Albert Vila, and you can contact him here at Weburger.

Like many of us, I love jewellery. Loving jewellery is nothing special. But I remember receiving a beautiful set of chakra necklaces from my friend Sparrow when my baby Lydia was born, and I couldn’t take me eyes off them.  They were magical to me. They were infused with such beauty, colour, and I just loved them. I  think this feeling was growing inside of me for the past two years, and when the opportunity to begin making them myself was suddenly before me, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Thank you Sparrow! Yet another gift in our relationship.

Patheya Jewels has two in shop cats. A tabby called Pebbles and a Siamese called Llapis. You’ll see them pop up around the shop. Feel free to pat them, but watch out for Pebbles, she bites.

Pebbles   Llapis





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