(English) Tarot with Tiffany

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I’ve been reading tarot for over twenty-five years. I love them. But let’s understand what they can and cannot do.

The tarot cannot predict a certain future.

The tarot are a tool we use to indicate areas in our lives that are pertinent to the seeker’s situation. For example, if the seeker wants to know about the future with her partner, the cards will indicate aspects of the relationship that need to be brought into the conscious mind and discussed and thought about.

The cards offer a glimpse into different perspectives that help us to think and feel clearer about any given situation.

What are the tarot?

The tarot are a set of cards that symbolically tell the story of life in many of its aspects. It follows us through the journey of birth, education, choices, ambition, loves and death. Anyone can learn to read them if they have the time and patience. They help stimulate intuition.